Saturday, January 13, 2007

My name is Janet and I am a Kool-Aid addict.

It's all Ruth's fault. Her and her Kool-Aid Dye Along. Shame on her. Until this month, Kool-Aid was just a memory from childhood. My brother and I would sit out on the grass, slurping on the cool sweet liquid every summer; the Tupperware popsicles my mother made by the tons "dyeing" spots on our shirts where they dribbled as they melted (foreshadowing?).

So even with this history, I never delved into dyeing my own yarn/roving with it. Now I am making up for lost years. My newest obsession is Kool-Aid dyeing.

This week I got the "urge" again but I was silently chastising myself for even considering buying more yarn until I destash. But digging through my spinning supplies, I came up with some Merino/Cotton (80%/20%) roving that I purchased long ago. Yippee! More dyeing... guilt-free!

I used approximately 3oz. divided into six portions. Keeping one portion as a control, the other five were dyed in various colors shown below.

The white streaks are the cotton fibers that do not take up the dye. It should give an interesting effect when spun.

Okay, so now I've had my "fix" this week. My parent side is scolding me to use what I have before making more... the kid side is dreaming up even more flavors of rainbows. Stay tuned to see who wins! (Odds are on the "kid.") Oh, and thanks, Ruth!


Jen said...

I told you to be careful! This is how addictions start. :-) Seriously, those look great. i can't wait to see pictures of the spun yarn.

Ruth said...

Yes! I'm not just an addict, I'm an enabler. ; )

The roving looks so cool. I can't wait to see what it looks like spun.

Yay Kool-Aid!

Anonymous said...

I guess I can stick one more thing in your last SP9 package. :-) Hmm... perhaps some yarn to dye with?
-Secret Pal

pedalpower said...

Oh goodness, they look good enought to eat!