Friday, November 24, 2006

Wow! Now that was quick!!

I logged on. I wrote Yarn Monkey's address on my postcard. I walked out the door to the mailbox. I came back in and logged on again...and Heraldis had already won!! Wooo-hooo!! She had "Flowers of Doom" delivered to Yarn Monkey, thus ending Sock Wars with class.

Congratulations to Heraldis...well played.


Jen said...

I was hoping you would win. At least this way, you'll get socks (two pair?)

Jan-Knit said...

Well, maybe one. I haven't got any, yet. My assassin lives just about ten miles from me, so we will get together when she's done. She's out of town till next week, so I don't know if she even knows how things have turned out. Should be fun. Thanks for your encouragement!