Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Watch Out, Mamma!

One more hit! Merino Style SOD in Tide Pool and Storm went out this afternoon to Mamma. I took off this morning, running late again, remembered the socks, but forgot the tags and card! So when I got to the post office after work, I had the choice of sending the socks off naked, or waiting another day to mail them. So, sorry, Mamma... you get naked socks! Enjoy, anyway.

The tone of Sock Wars is changing again. Yarn Monkey announced this morning that all of the contestants who are still alive (88 of us right now) will be asked to send a pair of hand-knit socks to her in Belfast on November 24th. She will provide the address on that date. The knitter of the first pair of socks to arrive will be the winner of Sock Wars. All of those lovely socks will then be donated to charity.

In the beginning, this way of ending the game seemed fun and reasonable. I guess I assumed only a handful of individuals would be left and the contest would be on between the few of them. But how things have changed. Having this many folks race with the incredibly slow international postal services leaves too many of those who managed to stay in the game, often knitting several pair to make up others who deserted, without even one pair of socks! Hmmmm... I'm not sure I can get behind this part.

I have enjoyed the game, including the speed bumps along the way...until now. I'm still trying to decide if I want to finish it this way. My options would be (1) to continue on and in all likelihood, end with squat, or (2) stop now and be labeled a deserter. If I choose the latter, I could use the yarn I just purchased to make yet another pair of SOD and make them for myself. ... My very cold toes are trying sway my decision.


Anonymous said...

Hard decision! Cold toes can be very convincing...
-Secret Pal

Jen said...

You made it this far-- you can't quit now! (Of course, my feet are toasty warm with Rhubarb and Asparagus socks.) ;-)
Jen (ROKJen)

Anonymous said...

I think you should now knit a pair for yourself. This sock wars was fun in the begining kindof. I have to say the way it beganhad me worried. I made two pairs of socks then I got a pair. I stopped. Well good luck. I also think I would be a little pissed if I didn't get anything with the yarn and postage. Just my thoughts
Shawn Shoreline, WA

Shawn said...

Hello it's me Shawn from Shoreline I have a pair of socks that I knited. For yarnsnob but someone else got to her first. I would love to send you a pair of socks that you can be done with this war game and on to something more fun. Like Christmas prizes. My email is
Let me know what you think
Shawn Shoreline,WA

Purl said...

I have been cheering from you as my socks of doom keep me warm. Last night I received a second pair from Knitrovert, which really surprised me. Would you like them? There's a picture on my blog.

As for the ending, I agree with your frustration. Sock Wars should continue until the last knitter is standing. But I don't want you to give up!