Sunday, November 19, 2006

Meathead KAL

Needing a break from all the socks of late, I joined the Meathead KAL. I was lucky enough to get in at the last minute. The KAL is also a test knit for Larissa's upcoming book.

I love test knitting. It gives me the opportunity to try something I might not have otherwise considered. It also forces me to follow a pattern. My right brain has to give in to the left and follow instructions AS WRITTEN. What a tug-o-war!

The pattern is fun and very easy. It should do well! Good luck, Larissa!

(Click here for more photos.)


Jen said...

Sounds fun, even if you have to follow the pattern. ;-)

BTW I like the new look.

aka Jan-Knit said...

Thanks...just playing around with different colors...I'm ready for something other than brown and orange!

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's to late to join, sounds like fun. I can't wait for the pattern to be available. I want to buy it!