Thursday, November 09, 2006

SOD In My Dreams

Deep Ocean on its way to Arizona.

My dreams have been infiltrated by the Socks of Doom! I don't mean out of fear of being hit and knocked out. I mean that I've knitted this pattern so many times , that I am ribbing in my sleep!

I tend to knit like I cook. I rarely follow a recipe exactly. I add a bit of this or substitute some of that. The end result is always a surprise... sometimes it's even a good surprise! I am normally a person who makes a pattern only once. If I make it more than that, I'm bored. So knitting sock after sock of the same pattern is showing up in my dreams.

At the onset of Sock Wars, I thought I would only be called to create one pair of socks, then finish up others' work. But Sock Wars has changed its face, and has become a challenge on many levels.
  • A challenge to stay motivated...waiting sometimes for weeks for SiP to arrive. It's been tempting to go AWOL, myself.
  • A challenge to stay connected. With hurricanes, power outages, vacations, work, family, and LIFE (not to mention deserters who do not respond to anyone), communications have been exasperating at times.
  • A challenge to stay creative. Without the SiP of deserters, I have had the mixed blessing of initiating four different pair of Socks of Doom. Each has been the same, but very different.
So, what keeps me in the game? Curiosity. I am in deep enough now, that I am just "dying" to find out what will happen; how this war will end...

And I love a challenge. Sweet dreams!

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