Monday, June 02, 2008


Last weekend we had an amazing storm in our area. Normally our weather is pretty mild, so when something spectacular like this lightening storm happens, it gets our attention.


Even without listening to the storm alerts on the TV and radio, it was obvious something big was imminent. The sky was a bright orange and purple with tinges of scarlet.


My car was parked in its very own little spot, safe and snug...or so I thought. The parking lot drains plugged and because it's on a bit of a slant, it flooded. So did my car. Argh!


The next morning, remnants of the storm were everywhere. The waterline is shown by the ridge of barkdust, and by the (yucky) goo on the sides of my car. Since the water reached about 6 inches above the bottom of the doors, the inside carpets were also soaked. Now everything smells like the sewer!

A note about insurance...I haven't been driving this car for a while, so I dropped the insurance to save the expense. (Remember, it was safe and snug in its own little space, right?) Can you say, "Murphy's Law?!"


loopykd said...

Thank God you are OK. Mother Nature is really awesome in its beauty but it's that beauty that causes all the trouble, isn't it?

KnitWit said...

That's crazy! I hope you can get the smell out of your car. =/

YowlYY said...

Oh dear...I've just seen your entry and after being mesmerised by the storm picture (before) I have taken in the disaster. Such a shame for the damage... the car was no longer insured, but surely the damage in the house is covered? Last year there were horrid floodings here in the East Midlands and Yorkshire, as well as in the south of England, and I can is an horrible thing but at least it ended up with some material damage, but all of you are safe (your yarns hopefully too?). Hugs heading your way :)

JanKnit said...

Oh, yes! We (people, animals, and yarn) are all fine. Just the car was damaged.