Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Summer!

I recently ordered a kit from Keegan Lane Yarns. Since today is the Summer Solstice AND the first day of Summer of Socks '08, it arrived at the perfect time. However, my mailman continues to think I'm just "odd" because I get so happy when my yarn mail arrives. After this many years, you'd think he'd understand me, right?!

Of course, I already have way too much sock yarn in my stash. And of course, I had to have something new. My goal, however, is to make as many socks as I can this summer and use up some of that stash...after I knit this!

Melissa (of Keegan Lane) hand-dyes some of the nicest yarns in beautiful colors. This Lavender Toasty Sock yarn is just the perfect match to Hattie's Tendril Embrace Sock pattern. What a great kick-off for my SOS'08.


Anonymous said...

You are too sweet. ;) Thanks for the shout out and I cannot wait to see these socks! :)

Hattie said...

I can't wait to see too! I love the color, and had been wanting to make them in a more solid to show off the pattern more. :)