Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Love Kid Art!

Just take a look at some of the great dyeing and weaving "my" kids at school did!!

This lesson incorporated several senses.
- Eyes: colors, patterns, texture
- Fingers: soft wool, rough sticks, motor skills
- Nose: Kool-Aid, rosemary, lavender

The kids were so creative and the results were great! Love!!

Mixing our Kool-Aid colors to dye the wool.

His favorite color is green!!

Group weaving fun!

Finished weaving by "A"

Finished weaving by "E"


cosymakes said...

those are FABULOUS!!

magnusmog said...

great inspiration for me, I just got some kool aid in the post from a Ravelry RAK. Can't wait to get started !

primdollie said...

wow these are amazing and love the colors too!! I bet my kids at school would love this too!! will have to see maybe try for next year!! oh and my fav color is green too!! hugs Linda

Cris said...

I think I may have to try this next school year.

loopykd said...

Wow that's excellent stuff. I love green too!

Valerie said...

That's awesome! They look terrific and I love the colors!!

Anonymous said...

This is great! Do you have a tutorial??