Saturday, October 21, 2006

The War Wages On

My first Sockwars victim, ROKJen, finally received the socks I made. Due to international shipping and a Korean national holiday, my SOD (Socks of Doom) were delayed (mailed 9/25; arrived on or about 10/11), adding more tension to the game.

I should have received SiP (Socks in Progress) from someone further downstream shortly after my kill, but alas, no. Nearly four weeks have passed. My nerves are on edge. I'm afraid to check my mail every day for fear that my assassin will get me first.

After numerous emails and forum postings, it has finally been determined that one of the warriors is AWOL. This caused a back-up in my stream (ouch!). After finally identifying my next target, it's back to knitting more SOD. (Watch your backside, Knitrovert!!)

So, off to the yarn store for more ammo. I chose a soft red wool...
I'm thinking holidays coming soon...
Okay, here I go... Ready, Set, Knit!!

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