Monday, October 23, 2006

Shot Fired at Canadian!

I love Canada. I would never wish any harm to any of our neighbors to the north. That being said, I launched my high-caliber weapon toward Ontario today! I finished the red wool Socks of Doom just after midnight, and rushed them to the post office right after work. Whew!! They are on their way. And may they bless the feet of their recipient during the cold winter months ahead. Love ya, Knitrovert!

With Sock Wars overlapping
Socktoberfest , socks are about all I can think about lately! My goal of two pair during Socktoberfest has been met, and I'm on to more for Christmas gifts! Go, Socks!!


Lisa said...

Oh no! I'm next!Knitrovert asked for my snail mail address, so she may have started my socks...

And I am so frustrated with deserters!

Kirsten said...

Hi. Utter confusion has reared its ugly head...the lady who was supposed to send me unfinished socks to finish has completed them herself and sent them off to who-knows-where! At least she answered my email, right? Anyway, I sent her a reply asking where she sent them...if they are headed your way I'll let you know.


Anna/Knitty Cent said...

WOW, you are EXTREMELY fast with knitting a pair of socks. Great work. Do you use DPN or circs???

aka Jan-Knit said...

Thanks for your comments and kudos! I have been using dpns, but am planning to use two circs on the next pair. Will see how long it takes in comparison.

Both Sock Wars and Socktoberfest have given me plenty of opportunities to try new things.