Sunday, December 16, 2007

Folk Mitts and Hot Chocolate

I haven't done any colorwork for a while. Playing with bits of my hand-dyed recycled sweater yarns, I came up with these bright and cheerful "Folk Mitts." They are happily keeping my hands warm while I knit up the rest of my Christmas gifts. Check back...I'll post the pattern later.

And here's one more gift ready. It's a simple beanie for Zak. He likes things designs, no bright colors. So to make him a hat that he will actually wear, I had to reel myself in. But I don't like to get bored, either. To satisfy both of us, I whipped him up a "Hot Chocolate" beanie with my hand-dyed recycled sweater wool in dark brown and black. The color changes are very subtle and not even noticeable unless you're up close and personal!


YowlYY said...

I love the mitts...the many colour make a dull winter day a lot brighter :) The beanie is very nice, and good idea in mixing the two colours! Now, all this "hot chocolate" talk has made me hungry...going to prepare a choc drink...yum!

cosymakes said...

*LOVE* those mitts! what great and wild fun. isn't your own hand dyed just ridiculously addictive? happy holidays!

pedalpower said...

I love that these are from recycled yarn! Those mitts are beautiful. I've never gotten up the nerve to try different colors and patterns like that...looks so complicated.