Sunday, July 22, 2007


I love surprises. The happy kind. Not the, "Surprise! You have a flat tire" kind.

At Copperpot, Tracey takes her leftovers from her own stash, etc., and puts them into lots she calls "The Pit." Since I like surprises, I ordered one. Surprise! Look at all the great colors and fibers!

I was near the bottom of the box, and suddenly my happy unpacking was interrupted by another surprise. Look who stowed away all the way from Michigan!!

At least that is what we are assuming. I've never seen this kind of critter in these parts. After letting the little creature loose in the back yard, my mind began to conjure up Steven King titles involving the spider who ate Vancouver! Ah, well. Now I know the wool is insecticide- and moth-free!!


Valerie said...

Okay, I was all happy until I scrolled down and saw that spider. I nearly jumped out of my seat and it was only on the computer screen. Eww ewww ewww.

Congrats on the fun fibers though!

Hattie said...

Wow they are gorgeous! I love her stuff there, I just want to buy everything. And icky spider! Spiders are my one big fear,...blech.

sylverstarz17 said...

I HATE spiders!

Tracie said...

Eep. The spider is creepy. I really have a dislike for the things. The yarn, on the other hand, is prettiful!

Haley said...

i so would have freaked out about that spider. you seem very calm about it. good for you.

Twisted Knitter said...


I definitely would have freaked. At least you had your HAPPY surprise first.