Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Recycling Eddie Bauer

I have been really enjoying ripping things apart lately. Especially wonderful sweaters!!! It's good therapy. I can take out all my aggressions on someone else's knitting and not feel a bit guilty!

I've been stockpiling thrifted sweaters for a while, but hadn't really started pulling them apart until the past few weeks. My home smells a bit like wet (clean) wool, and I have skeins hanging in almost every room! I'm loving it, but my son is a bit put off by it all. My plan is to get more up and ready for sale in my new shop.

I must admit, it's hard for me to decide to let them go. Being such a yarn addict, I want to keep them all!! But alas... they must find new homes. Take a look. And more will be available soon.


magnusmog said...

there is nothing better than ripping down jumpers - the only downside for me is that the house gets covered in fluff :)

beckie said...

Ooo...teach me how to do this! I have tried and tried but I end up with big piles of ends..Grrr!

Jan-Knit said...

Thanks, you two!! I try to keep the "fluff" to a minimum by being pretty choosey about the sweaters I recycle. And, if I'm able to do it out on the deck, all the better. I do vacuum often, too! of the best tutorials I have seen is at Neauveau Fiber Arts. The link is on my blog's side bar. Getting lots of ends makes me wonder about the seams in the sweaters you are using. Don't even bother with sweaters that have serged seams. All of the threads/yarns are cut when they seam them. Look for seams that are sewn together with a chain stitch (like the top of a bag of dog food!). Then you should be able to get a continuous yarn to work with. Let me know if you have more questions.