Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yay! A new toy!

Don't you love new toys? I do! Today I received my new swift. I was so excited when I arrived home and it was waiting for me. As soon as I set it up, we both got to work. Now, I have mixed reviews.

While it really is just fine... turns well, no rough edges, is the right size, etc..., I'm now realizing I should have ordered a different style.

My old swift had a hand crank, my new one does not. The handle breaking off my old swift is what prompted the ordering of a new swift. Now it seems that finding one with a handle would have been my top priority. But dork that I am sometimes, I didn't even look for that. So, I am just going to have to build up my arm/shoulder muscles and spin it myself!

The light blue yarn on the swift is being recovered from a wool/silk thrifted sweater. More about that later.


lisabeth said...

Ooooh!! A new swift. I'm jealous.

crissy said...

oh my jan after reading about your new swift i spent most of the after noon running around on line just looking at the diffrent kinds of swifts they do have out. i have the same kind you just bought though but was so courious. boy do they ever have diffrent kinds out now too at a pretty penny :)

melissa said...

what a lovely looking swift! i love that you recycle yarns like that, i really must get into doing that myself.