Thursday, March 08, 2007


Lookie what I found today for half-price at Goodwill!

The top layer is 2-1/2 yards of cotton fabric in green and oatmeal. I have been looking for the right green to use as a lining for another recycled sweater bag I'm working on. Perfect! Plus there is plenty for another project.

Second is an Old Navy Collection mohair blend sweater in a natural white. I am imagining it is destined to greatness as a scarf/shawl in its next life.

And last in this stack is a wool Gap sweater in a pale green. It's very nice as is, but I decided it will be happier in another form...maybe hats? An added bonus is the cute little button on its back.

I also snapped up a bag with four balls of unlabeled yarn in a natural oatmeal color. I'm never sure about these sealed bags, but since it was only $1.99, I decided it was worth the risk. At home it passed the burn test for wool and weighed out at over 16 ounces! Lots of options for this one. Yipppeee! I love good thrifting days!


cosette said...

yay for great thrift days!

crissy said...

my sister in law does the same thing goes to the hobby lobby shops she is out of australia that is what they call the trift stores there :) she crochets bed covers for people and makes pin money doing that :)
love your finds there really good deals
unfortunilty here because of the lack of yarn stores for years and long times between most of what we find in the thrift stores is acrylic yukkkkk not to good second hand :)

Zia said...

Hey great finds!
Thrift store hunting is my favourite pass time. I go at lease once a week to a couple of them nearby and 9 times out of 10 I come home with something fabulous. :)

al said...

tell me about this burn test...?