Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am so spoiled...!!! I have the greatest Secret Pal! I still haven't told you about the wonderful box of goodies she already sent. (More about that in a minute.)

Today, I got an early birthday gift...delivered!! I happened to be home with a yucky cold, so was here to receive it myself. Delicious chocolate-dipped apple wedges from Edible Arrangements. Yummmmy!! So, it's feed a cold....right??

Now, back to the first box... I haven't taken photos yet, but trust me...they're bee-you-tee-fulll! Her first ever felting project is now my favorite bag! She also included silk roses, chocolate, several knitting patterns, and three skeins of Royal Bamboo in a gorgeous green. I'm still dreaming of all the possibilities. Thank you, Pal. I feel wonderfully spoiled.

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Anonymous said...

Your Welcome, so glad you like everything! I'm sure there will be one more goodie box coming your way in the upcoming weeks to end this swap with a bang!
-Your SP