Sunday, May 03, 2009


Fiddleheads! I love that word! It's fun to say, and the arrival of the little ferns signal spring is here! It's also the name of a fun scarf design from Morehouse Farm.

The scarf is an enjoyable knit. Since my yarn was larger than called for, I modified it a bit. This gave it a whole different look. I will most likely make it again with a smaller-gauge yarn.

I love how the colors work together in the Fiddlehead ends
...very fun!!

Spun into a two-ply yarn, Cosy's colors work together so nicely.

The fiber is Falkland roving from cosyspins. I am constantly impressed with her color combinations.

This was the first time I've spun Falkland. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's very "sproingy" and has a great hand. Although not the finest of wools, I do like the feel of it against my neck.

The colors, the wool, the design...altogether a great scarf!!


Anonymous said...

This is a really nice scarf. Wonderful for spring

Jamie Wilson said...

This is nice! I have this pattern as well as lace weight yarn (not from Morehouse). I have had trouble getting started because the yo's are so tight I can't really move them around well on the needles. I am thinking about what to do...I love the pattern. maybe a different weigt yarn will do. Your's is beautiful.