Saturday, November 22, 2008


I've really been trying to stay out of stores for a while now. Not only because I'm trying not to spend money, but also because I've been scolding myself about my stash taking over my living space! As you know, I love thrift stores. I (almost) always find something that begs to go home with me to be rescued.

Today, I found myself with an hour between clients in an area close to THREE thrift stores! What a dilemma!! Well, I succumbed to the call...kind of.

In one shop, I found these lovely handknit wool mittens for 99 cents. While they were a pretty shade of yellow, it's just not a color I wear often. A little Kool-Aid later, and I had bright cherry-red mitts!!

I then embroidered them with a bit of recycled white yarn and some sparkly beads. Ta-dah! Christmas mittens!!

My second find was this lovely linen tablecloth. It's hand-embroidered and is in pretty good shape. There is one small hole (about 1 cm) that I think I can cover up with another flower. Not bad.

Okay, so I didn't strictly stay with my "no-stores" plan. I did, however, keep it in control. Kind of like having a bite of a cookie instead of the whole package, right? (I love rationalization, don't you?!)


HomeMadeOriginals said...

Love your thrift finds! There can be NO guilt associated with rescuing such wonderful items.

kim said...

You are so clever. It would never occur to me to dye and embellish those great mittens. They are so cute!

Hattie said...

Wow those came out really cute! I would never have thought of that! They are adorable now.

cosymakes said...

i'm pretty proud that you didn't come home with sweaters to recycle. now that is restraint :D

nice mittens!

magnusmog said...

how festive!

Janet said...

Those mittens are so cute. You are quite creative!