Thursday, August 07, 2008

I lovvvvve thrift stores!!

Finding new life in someone else's cast-off is actually quite fun. You just never know when you are going to come across a treasure that was on it's last stop before the landfill. Some days, you may find nothing but picked-over junk. And other days can be filled with gems.

Today was a great thrifting day. Just take a look.

This Wagon Wheel blanket is in excellent condition, and was obviously made with love. It's crocheted with fingering-weight yarn and I can imagine it took the artist a very long time to complete.

Just look at all those colors. I'm so happy it came to live at my house!

And how fun is this?! Two tubes of linen. It's rather fine...probably 10/2. Since I don't weave, I'll need to find the perfect crochet pattern to show it off. Each tube was marked $2.99 and I had a 20%-off coupon. Yipppeee!!

This partial skein of yarn had obviously been looked over. It was hanging out by itself, while most of the other yarns were grouped in bags. This is the type of yarn I grew up with...this and Red Heart WOOL. Feeling a bit nostalgic, I had to bring it home, too.

Happy thrifting. May your day be filled with gems!!


Hattie said...

That's an awesome blanket! Good find! Not just the crocheting, but the sewing together! (SHUDDER) Heh.

Nancy said...

Thank you for rescuing the Wagon Wheel blanket. Whoever donated it to the thrift shop obviously did not appreciate the work and love that went into making it.

I love searching thrift shops for treasures.

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Love it, a thrift store with coupons! I have one here that does that too. Great finds! The linen should make something wonderful.

kt said...


The blankie is breathtaking. Linen is lovely, and I love the tattered label on the wool.

Thrifting is the best, isn't it?!