Saturday, April 19, 2008

What the Heck??!!

Yesterday I found this!

Today we had this!! (Yes, it's snow!!)

So now I'm going to warm up with some of this!!!

Happy Spring??!?


YowlYY said...

Oh yes, happy Spring indeed...I can sing the same song here in the UK! Just a few days ago we had only +6C as maximum temperature, and my tulips are struggling to come out at all. If I think that I was out in the garden with the bunnies in February, taking off the weeds in short sleeves...! Probably we won't have spring this year, and one day we'll wake up to Summer!

kt said...

Isn't it wacky? We had snow three times over the weekend, and A schoolmate of Marion's found the same robin's egg in the play yard.

But it's still cold and blustery! (I love it! So different from AZ!!)