Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spinning Bob

During a conversation about our pets recently, one of the teachers at school mentioned she has a female Miniature Eskimo dog named Bob. I asked if she had ever saved her hair. Of course, I got the expected response of "?????!" I explained that some dogs' hair spins up to make beautiful yarns and I would love to show her. I asked her to to just save some up as they groomed her and bring it to me when they have a bag full.

So last week, Bob went to the groomer. My friend's husband, expecting a strange response, asked the groomer to save Bob's hair. The groomer asked if it was for yarn! (I love it!) So Bob's mom brought me this! It was already very clean -- they had obviously bathed Bob prior to the brushing. It spun up very well, with little prep necessary. The result was a nice little 43-yard skein of soft, fuzzy white yarn.

When I took it back to school, another teacher who knows Bob well, was grossed out by the idea. I reminded her that sheep are not at all clean animals and yet we wear beautiful wool sweaters all the time. She didn't buy it. She said it bothered her more because she knows Bob personally!

But Bob's mom seem pleased with it. I encouraged her to save more of the hair so there would be enough to make something special for her. If not, I think a pair of mittens with "Bob Cuffs" might just be perfect!

A side note: when I opened the bag at home, I had mixed reviews from my pets. I expected Ashes (my 15-year-old kitty) to make a fuss at the smell of another D-O-G in her house. But no. She just sniffed it and turned her back on it.

Latte, on the other hand, seemed to just know there must be a puppy in that bag to play with! I couldn't keep her head out. So funny!!

(Notice the Bob fluff on Latte's nose!)


Hattie said...

How cool! And funny the groomer asked that. I wonder if he gets that request often...

Anonymous said...

So cute! :)

YowlYY said...

The yarn is fantastic! It looks so soft :)
When we had dogs, I did not, if we had them again, I'd surely try. I remember handfuls and handfuls of fluff being taken by the wind when it was combing time. The wild birds were very pleased with the extra nesting material!!

Valerie said...

What an adorable dog!! I love the Bob fluff picture, it's too cute.

I bet that yarn turned out heavenly soft. You did an amazing job on it too!

Lisa said...

What a great friend you are. I am sure you were curious to see how it was spun, and it looks perfect.

Your idea for Bob cuffs is wonderful.

Jamie said...

That is just so cool!
I have a husky and every summer I look at her hair that we brush and think, "what can I make with this?" Now I know :-)