Monday, February 12, 2007

For Codi

Codi is a substitue teacher I have had the joy of working with on several occasions. She has only been in our area for less than a year, but it feels like she has been a part of the "family" for a long time.

Friday afternoon, she announced she is moving to another state at the end of the month. I knew I wanted to make something for her as a "we'll miss you" gift. I would be seeing her Monday, but after that it's really "iffy." She may or may not be working at our school again before she leaves.

So I needed a quick gift idea. I could make a hat before Monday, but which one?

Codi's favorite colors are brown and pink. I had some Chestnut Brown Paton's Merino in my stash, but NO PINK!!! I did have some Winter White. Kool-Aid?? Did I have some Pink Lemonade??! No! Drat! Keep digging through the cupboards...aha!! Wilton Icing Color in Aster Mauve. That should do it!

Now, remembering my most recent issues with Wilton and getting the acidity right, I was a little worried, but time was ticking. So I took the advice of Meilynne and added my vinegar to the dye bath a little at a time until the dye was absorbed. It worked!! I got this wonderful mauve pink color that was a beautiful contrast to the brown.

So while the pink yarn was drying, I started the hat. By Saturday morning, I had (dry) pink yarn and half of a brown rolled brim hat. The lace panel is a stitch I borrowed from the Esther sock pattern by Stephanie van der Linden. I blocked the hat and sewed the buttons onto the centers of the flowers on Sunday evening. Whew!! Just in time!

Today, I gave the hat to Codi in front of the kids. I think she was touched and the kids gave her lots of love, too. We all wish her the best!


crissy said...

love it love it love it totally love the flower work your doing on your hats

beckie said...

Brown and pink look great together! That hat looks great.

Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

THats a nice hat! I love the brown and pink. They go well together. And its so nice for you to quick make the hat for Codi.
I would like to thank you soo much for the package you sent. You have no idea how much that spoiled me and made my day. It arrived a day before Valentines. Thanks for the yarn and kool-aid. I need to read up some kool-aid yarn dye tutorial here. Thanks again Janet~ You are such a sweet pal! hugggggssss !

julie said...

Wow, that's beautiful! I'll bet she was thrilled.

Jen said...

What a beautiful hat. That's so nice of you. I imagine most substitutes just come and go and don't get recognized with thank you gifts or going away presents.

crystal said...

I totally LOVE that hat! will you share what the pattern stitch is called in the pink part? It's so pretty! I've Wisted you!

FaeryCrafty said...

Wow that is really pretty!!

Jan-Knit said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments! Because I "borrowed" the stitch used for the pink section, I have contacted the original designer for her blessing to print it. I'm still waiting for a response.