Saturday, September 23, 2006

Asparagus and Rhubarb

Sock Wars got off to a rough start due to a Hurricane over Northern Ireland! Yep. Yarn Monkey lives in Belfast, and just before the war was to start, the technology was interrupted. This meant that dossiers were delayed, some not received until much later than others. But Yarn Monkey hung in there and found a way to wage war!

Hurricane Gordon

My arsenal included the prescribed 50 grams of DK weight yarn. I chose Knit-Picks' Merino Style in Rhubarb. However, halfway through the first sock, it was obvious that one skein was not going to be nearly enough to finish my Socks of Doom. There went my plan.


Plan B: How about two socks of completely different colors? I started a second sock in Asparagus.


Hmmm...Even though I want my socks to be killers, I also want them to be wearable. Maybe Plan C: Stripes!!

Here's the finished weapons! Ta-daahhh!

What a difference lighting makes. This photo is truer to the real color of the yarn. I took this one outside in the sunshine (see the shadows?). And notice how little of each skein is left! Hmmmmm.


José said...

Hm, lethal vegetable socks, quite an idea ;-) And looking gorgeous!
I'm still working on sock #2, to be sent off to my target before my socks (currently on their way across the ocean) will arrive (in the Netherlands.

I like this game!

Allegra said...

love the socks! wish you were assasinating me!!!

auntgerry said...

I love your socks. I wish I were your victim.